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Kamil J. Nowakowski has had a fascinating path to success. Beginning as a Polish emigrant at the age of 15, he was hardworking and determined from the start. Kamil quickly became fluent in English and relentlessly sought opportunities for growth, working his way up in the business world as an incredibly self-motivated individual. His journey through life has provided him with a driven and entrepreneurial spirit. Not afraid of new challenges, fresh starts and turning over stones to discover a better future. Kamil is well-rounded and thrives in new and changing environments. He is adaptable, relatable and ethical. Currently, Kamil is successfully managing multiple businesses and delving into a new and innovative business model with United Real Estate - Elite. This new venture is sure to shake things up in the ever-changing world of real estate. Kamil’s specialties include representing companies at real estate auctions and acquisition of occupied assets, consulting real estate developers and construction companies, managing multiple single family home flip projects. Kamil’s various business experiences resulted in many successful sales for bank REO properties, asset management companies, and retail listings as well as advanced single family rehab projects. All those experiences are shared with all his Brokers Associates at United Real Estate - Elite to serve his sales team for many years to come.

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Testimonials of Past Clients

Mr Nowakowski had helped us with 1st time purchase in 2015. The whole process was spectacular. His professionalism and expertise clearly showed in every step of complex purchase process. His profound knowledge of every subject matter including financing was just jaw dropping. We could close and win with out the house out of 5 offers. All of Kamil's advise was spot on and instantaneous. We went through all of the difficulties without any issues. This is something to appreciate nowadays. Buying a house is very personal yet difficult to get what one really wants. He had been recommended by our friends and went above and beyond what we had hoped for. My wife and I do highly recommend Mr. Nowakowski to all buyers. Even if you are not on the market, his advise is very helpful to make sure you are on the right track

- Bart.S

Kamil was our agent when we bought our house. He is a very good and professional agent and he is a very good person and very friendly.He always had time to help us and he was always very nice! If anyone wants to buy a house, I recommend him and his team!!!

- Bernadeta Wozniak

A+ service. Has a great deal of knowledge in this business. Especially, very helpful with buying a home. He spots things out right away. Aggressive selling techniques. Good communication.

- Wendy Estrada

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